The easiest and most reliable way to send any size file, anywhere, fast.



Media Shuttle makes it easy to share files between people, between systems and to and from the cloud. There are three different types of portals that can be created to support almost any use case.

SEND portals allow for fast person to person file transfer.

SHARE portals make it easy to upload and download files within designated folders.

SUBMIT portals provide an onramp for users to submit files into automated workflows.


Media Shuttle offers roles for three key user types in the organisation – end users, operational administrators and IT administrators. Each user type has a tailored view that’s made explicitly for their job function. Media Shuttle makes it easy to enable all users, whether internal or external, to access only the files and features they require.


As Media Shuttle is rolled out across the enterprise, use cases often emerge for unattended delivery.  Many organisations gain great efficiencies by eliminating the need to manually check for new content or streamlining distribution of the same content to multiple partners. Auto Delivery provides this capability via a native application running on the end user’s computer, along with a means of configuring specific folders for automatic upload or download.


CloudSpeX dramatically lowers rejection rates associated with the receipt of improperly formatted files or incorrect file types, and helps to manage the volume and complexity of today’s multi platform delivery specifications. Unlike other solutions that validate file format compliance after the file transfer, CloudSpeX ensures that your specifications are enforced prior to delivery to save significant time and resources.


This feature allows end users to populate predefined fields with information describing the file they are about to share. The experience is fully customisable, offering system administrators the ability to define fields for any parameter – often things such as language or shooting location – to ensure that all of the necessary information is captured. The metadata remains associated with the file, making it easy for a person or process to take action upon receipt.


Authorised users are able to access their files from anywhere, on any device, without any special software on the user’s computer. While most users engage with Signiant systems via an installed application or browser plug-in to take advantage of accelerated transport, there are some situations where this is impractical. By accommodating users who want to use a mobile device or are unable to install software, Signiant enables adoption across the entire media ecosystem with completely client less access.


Media Shuttle customers can create and customise as many portals as they choose, each with their own branding and look and feel. Setting up a portal for every project or partner is a quick and easy task and it’s a great opportunity to extend your brand and create a professional, visually appealing experience for transferring files. Media Shuttle also supports multiple languages which can be configured on a portal by portal basis.


With Media Shuttle, you’ll maintain storage independence, controlling the choice of storing your content on-premises or in cloud object storage. This includes the flexibility to allocate all the same storage locations, or the choice of allocating different storage locations for each of your portals. Ultimately that means you have full control of where your files are at all times, and the flexibility to easily change that storage allocation at any time not locking you into any one provider.


Media Shuttle includes advanced identity management so that enterprises can easily and securely onboard and manage large numbers of users. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allows system administrators to engage a third-party Web identity provider to grant users access to multiple systems. This contemporary approach to enabling the use of a corporate directory for user authentication has benefits for both administrators and end users. Administrators can easily provision large user groups, and individual employees can simply log into Media Shuttle with their corporate account credentials.


Media Shuttle has two APIs for IT organizations and integrators:

‘Management API automates repetitive and manual tasks such as portal creation, storage assignment, user creation and transfer status. Learn more.

‘System-to-Person Automation API’ automates content distribution and acquisition workflows to people across your organisation. Create ‘1-click’ download and upload links to integrate with tools that power your business such as in-house and commercial DAM and MAM systems. Learn more.